Aaron & Jaimie

Jamie managed to capture the little moments that are so easily missed.

Isaac & Georgia

 Our photos came out so perfect I just wanted to tell everyone about him.

My Real Name is James....

My real name is James, but everyone calls me Jamie.

My Parents wrote down James as my official name on he birth certificate, but called me Jamie from day one and that’s how its always been. For the record the full name is James Luke Gillies, but just call me Jamie.

A Wedding Photographer who loves the reportage style based in Limerick, Ireland.

I will happily travel to photograph for you, in fact the more adventurous the location, the more I’m up for it!

Me In Short.....

-Recently moved from my home of 30+ years In Kent and now find myself in county Limerick, Ireland!

-Normally people say they love things, but I’m going to say I just really like travelling, hiking, football and photography.

-I do love my bed though.

-Recently joined a band as the bassist. It’s just a bit of fun. We recently did an 80’s themed Gig, I went in a Miami Heat style suit.

-I have a YouTube Channel! It’s me rambling on about landscape photography. Some may say its award winning, most (ok everyone) will say its unwatchable. You can check it out here (If you reallllly want to!)

-I drive a Volvo, enjoy whisky and craft beer. (But not while driving the Volvo)

About My Style....

The wedding day is more than just a collection of posed pictures.

It’s a day of our closest family and old friends making new memories together. Laughing, crying, gasping, dancing, romancing, connecting, drinking, celebrating a beautiful day.

Reportage is a style that documents all those things and more. Its the day, but as it actually happened.

I’m happy to do the traditional group photos etc no problem, but let’s remember it for more than just those posed pictures.

Get in touch, see what we can do together 🙂

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