Not only do you need to choose what photographer you want to trust to capture your pictures of the big day, you need to choose from the many options on offer. I’ve selected 3 packages that will work for most people.

I have 3 packages – Classic, All day classic and Reportage only

Differences – 

The classic and all day classic are similar in regards to they are more of a “traditional” style wedding day photography. So they would include group photos essentially.

The differences in them are at what point in the day coverage starts -The classic starts from the ceremony and the all day starts groom and bride prep.

Outside of the group photos, I will shoot the day with a documentary reportage style.

Reportage is all day coverage,from groom and bride prep onwards. It won’t include any formal group photos or couple photos. View it as you enjoying your day, and me capturing it. Say you do want some couple photos alone, what we can do is for you guys to head off on your own for say 15-30mins, you go where you want, do what you want, and ill just follow you around and document it. That way it’s not formal or organized, but its a chance for you to just kick back alone for a bit and also get some couple photos.

Similarities –

First of all you’ll get my full undivided attention and support from day one! This day is important to you and I want to give my best to help you remember it.  I’m also there to help your guests enjoy it as well. 

If people wish to have a quick photo done of them with their aunt etc, i’m more than happy to do that. 

During dinner, I will generally stop shooting. I don’t think anyone really wants photos of them eating & It’s an opportunity for me to get a bit of rest before the day kicks off again. I’m more than happy to bring my own food and sit in the car, I’m generally someone who likes to just have a bit of time to myself. But if you guys can provide food for me in the bar or something, that’s really appreciated.

Coverage includes up to the first dance. What i like to do is at least stay for a good few songs after the first dance, but depending on how the party is going and how tired i am, i might decide to stay on longer.

After the wedding

The day or 2 after the wedding I like to send you guys 3 or 4 initial preview pictures. It’s something for you to post on social media if you want, some people like to use them for a new profile picture or something for you just look at until the rest of the pictures are ready.

Normally I say pictures will be ready between 8-12 weeks. It’s not a process I like to rush plus i feel for you guys having the pictures a bit of time after the wedding day, when life has got back to normal, it’s nice at that point to view the pictures and reminisce. 

Regarding the number of images you get, I honestly can’t tell you. Obviously how much coverage I do for you, if we do formal photos, etc can all make a difference. I guarantee the very minimum you will get is 200, but in reality it’s more likely to be 300 onwards.

Online Gallery

So i use a website called Pixieset to share your wedding photos with you. This is specifically built to share wedding photos on. Your pictures will be password protected. So only you and the people you share the password with will be able to view them. I will put a selection of highlights together but you will also have all the photos in colour, and also in B&W.

You will be able to download individual photos in various resolutions or all the photos at once. You can also order prints direct from the website.

Your photos will be online for a year after which i can’t guarantee how long they’ll stay up there. So i highly recommend you download all the pictures and keep more than one copy of them somewhere.

For more information about the online gallery there will be a post and video coming out to go into more depth about that side of things. 


Extra things you may wish to add on to your package are things like wedding albums, an engagement shoot, have your images on a USB or if there’s anything else, let me know.

 For example you might want to have an image printed really large to hand on the wall. We can discuss sizes, printing options, things like that.

Travel Expenses

My rule of thumb is if your wedding requires more than 3 hours travel to get to you, i will need to book accommodation, add on food and travel costs etc.

Any weddings outside of UK & Ireland will be an added price. One for Europe and one for the rest of the world.

The price is laid out in the pricing list you have.

Payment Schedule

To secure the day a deposit is required. Until then I can’t guarantee that the date you’re after is available.

The rest of the balance is due 4 weeks before the wedding day.

For any extras you want , engagement shoot, albums etc then these need to be paid in full at the time of you booking these extras.


I suggest you do read through them. They’re a protection for yourself and me. I view them as a last resort, and will do my best to fulfill your needs without getting into legalities.


I hope this walk through helps answer any questions you may have had or helps you understand better what’s included.

But if you have any questions, or just want to chat and get to know me, by all means we can arrange that. We can do that over the phone, over zoom, or meet up if that’s feasible.

In the meantime all the best. Jamie

Award Winning Documentary Wedding Photographer Limerick Ireland