Why Is Wedding Photographing So Expensive?

It seems the moment the word “wedding” is mentioned everything gets 10x more expensive. I mean how hard is it for someone to click a button and get some photos for you?

Perhaps there’s more to it than meets the eye. Let me help you see why wedding photography isn’t cheap but is actually value for money. To help understand what you’re paying for I’ve broken it down into 4 areas- Tools Time Craft & Experience Value

Why Is Wedding Photographing So Expensive?


Here are a few tools that are needed to get you your pictures – 2 x Cameras (At least ) 2 x Lenses (At least) Many High Capacity, Fast & High Quality Memory Cards Camera Harness Batteries (Camera, Flash, Etc) Camera Bags Light Stands, Modifiers, Flashes That list is only the start!


Time is an expense that is easy to under-estimate. You see me turn up on your wedding day for 10-12 hours and I can forgive you for thinking that’s about the limit of my labour. That 10-12 hours is definitely not an easy ride, I’m always knackered after a day on my feet with my mind in constant use. But those 10-12 hours aren’t the first hours I’ve put in or the last.

Craft & Experience

Essentially what I’m trying to say though is that what you’re paying for is someone who is not only experienced but a craftsman. Someone who really knows how to balance light, composition, moments, camera settings, the limits of that camera and lens, where to be at any given moment, knows how to deal with people in the right way, the list goes on.


It’s only after the wedding day that the value comes.  After the excitement, people, moments, emotions, etc have passed does wedding photography bring its value. Consider it an investment. Something that will only get better with age.

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