Documentary Wedding Photography Is The Hottest New Thing In Wedding Photography, What Is Documentary Wedding Photography & Is It For You?

What Is Documentary Wedding Photography?

Documentary wedding photography is capturing moments throughout the wedding day that aren’t planned, posed or guided. Its completely candid, natural and raw photography. Because the documentary wedding photographer won’t force any situation by asking anyone to pose or smile, it means the bride & groom and their guests can really enjoy the day.

As the term documentary suggests, the wedding photographer is documenting what happens throughout the course of the day. It’s also know as reportage or photojournalist wedding photography. Whatever term is used, the driving force of the style is telling the story of the day through pictures.

what is documentary wedding photography?

What does a Documentary Wedding Photographer shoot?

There’s no limits to what a documentary wedding photographer will shoot throughout the wedding day.

As mentioned the driving force of the style is telling a story, so events that happen throughout the day that highlight what the day is about will be captured.

Take For example the speeches. These are always part of the day, but every speech is different. There will be certain fleeting moments when a joke is made, a heartfelt expression of love, an embarrassing story, a fleeting glimpse, hug or kiss will happen. Those are the real moments of the story of the day that connect the couple with their guests and a documentary wedding photographer will really want to capture.

Something that will

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What Sets Documentary Wedding Photographers Apart?

Like any profession, not all documentary wedding photographers are the same.

What sets a real documentary wedding photographer apart from the rest are the moments they capture from the day.

The example of speeches is one that would be expected to be captured, but what about the things that happen between the speeches and the dancing? The moments between walking down the aisle and the reception. There’s always something going on!

The moments are one thing but the extra special difference is how they take the photos. Composition, lighting, layering, editing, photo selection, all these things take a lovely moment and make it amazing!

Best Wedding PhotographerAward Winning Documentary Wedding Photographer Limerick Ireland

Will Documentary Wedding Photographers do Group Shots?

The dreaded phrase that anyone hates, photographers and guests alike! The group shots.

They are still so important to family to have on the mantel piece, they’re an integral and expected part of the wedding day.

So yes, documentary wedding photographers will photograph the group and family shots. They’re a small part of the day which will soon be over and will let your documentary wedding photographer carry on with taking candid photos.

On a side note, some of the best pictures come from the moments in-between the posed pictures. There’s always a good laugh, funny look, awkward moment, that brings about a great photo that I always like to add into the couples final delivered pictures.

Delightful Wedding at Fernhill House Hotel // Clonakilty // Cork // Award Winning Wedding Photographer Limerick IrelandJamie Gillies / My Real Name Is James Wedding Photography Fini & Harley Fernhill House Cork 2020

What is Bridal & Groom Prep Photography?

Bridal & Groom prep photography is a great way to document your wedding day.

The prep is a major part of the day. The bride & groom will spend hours getting ready, in their own ways, to look their best for the moment they see each other to make their vows.

It’s always a time when the bride & groom will spend time with their best friends and family, sharing laughs and tears.

The wedding day goes by so quick and so much happens that documenting the day as a whole is a great way to bring back all those memories that made that day so special.

what is documentary wedding photography?

Why is Documentary Wedding Photography Popular?

Documentary wedding photography has been driven to be more and more popular because of the advances in technology.

Cameras are faster, lighter and not limited by the amount of film left. Add on to that every person has a camera on them at all times and social media, it’s a natural progression that brides & grooms are looking for something extra from their wedding photographer.

what is documentary wedding photography

Why is Documentary Wedding Photography So Awesome?

Really good documentary wedding photography is just so awesome because you cant help but stop and stare.

That raw emotion, screaming laughing, tears of pure joy, a warm embrace, the subtle look across the room at each other and the many other moments that happen from the wedding day really interest us as humans.

Especially when that moment is captured in a way that has great composition and light, it really does captivate us.

If you want captivating, stop and stare modern, unposed, raw and real photos of your wedding, get a documentary wedding photographer – Perhaps try me out at MyRealNameIsJames. (Shameless plug I know!)

Documentary Wedding Photographer Limerick Ireland



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