Here’s 6 Essential Tips To Help You Choose Which Wedding Photographer In Ireland To Choose For Your Special Day.

Finding The Right Wedding Photographer In Ireland For You.

1) Where To Start? – Choose A Wedding Photographer Style.

There’s alot of wedding photographers to choose from, just one search on google will throw up so many options!

Well my first tip would be to actually really think about which style suits you best! This will quickly help you remove alot of options because they just won’t connect with you when you get the pictures through.

Don’t discount how important the style is, by connecting with a photographer that gets how you think will make a massive difference to you enjoying the pictures of your day.

To help you understand and choose between different styles check out this post.

Wedding Photographer In Ireland

2) Research – AKA Googling

Now you have a rough idea of the style you like you can start the journey of research!

When searching use extra terms to help narrow the list. If you like Traditional then perhaps search – “traditional wedding photographer in Limerick”

Find directories for wedding photography styles you like. For example as a documentary wedding photographer I am found at, and

Other general directories to look at are, and

Try to choose at most 10 potential photographers, then you can start to narrow down some more…

Wedding Photographer In Ireland

3) Personality – Or Lack Of!

Remember whoever you choose as a photographer will be around you all day!

Personality is going to be a big decider for you, more so than alot of other things really. It’s a deal breaker if you get on with the photographer or not.

The easier you can get on with a photographer with just having a chat over the phone the easier it will be on the wedding day.

Personality will come over in the website and “about me” section, but really it will only show when you start to communicate. Any photographer worth their salt should be more than happy to have a chat on the phone with you, it doesn’t even have to be about the wedding!

So dont be afraid to ask to speak, it will really help you make a choice.

Jamie Gillies / My Real Name Is James Wedding Photography Fini & Harley Fernhill House Cork 2020

4) Budget – Better Photographer, Less Hours.

We can’t the money thing. Everyone has a budget, as much as we want to go crazy and have everything for the wedding day!

Wedding photography is an area where the money you spend doesn’t show it’s value until way later down the road. It’s years later when you look back at the photos that will make you glad that you spent that bit more to get the right photographer.

I’m not saying spend loads of money, but invest it wisely for the photographer. My advice would be its better to spend the money on a better photographer for less of the day than an ok photographer for the whole day.

Jamie Gillies / My Real Name Is James Wedding Photography Fini & Harley Fernhill House Cork 2020

5) Extras – Hidden Value

It can be easy to look at the value extras included in a wedding package can bring.

Pre-Wedding shoots, albums, usb sticks, a 2nd shooter etc.

Wedding albums for example can be really expensive, especially if you’re getting a high quality one. It’s easy to overlook these are hand made one offs and not see their value years down the line when you’re still looking at it. So generally a package including an album will be better value than getting the photographer to add it on after the wedding.

Award Winning Wedding Photographer Limerick Ireland

6) Reviews

Reviews are definitely worth reading. My rule of thumb is that the longer the review, the more the couple loved the photographer.

They can also help you areas where a photographer added value to the couple. E.g helping them out in some way, knowing how to do a tie, got on with the family etc.

7) Extra Free Bonus Tip – Sooner Is Better

Photographers only have so many days that they are free to shoot. Especially if they are a sought after photographer, they can be booked up fast. So don’t waste time in looking.

By looking earlier you actually give yourself more time to choose. The last thing you need is to be chasing around potential photographers, finding they’re all booked up and settling on one just because they are free.

Also if you’re booking at least a year in advance, you might even be able to book your wedding photographer at cheaper rates then if you leave it later. This is because suppliers will normally increase their prices year on year, so you can lock in their current rates before they’re put up.

Documentary Wedding Photographer Limerick Ireland



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