Most Couples Organising A Wedding Are Doing It For The First Time, So Have No Idea What Things Cost. Here’s One Less Thing To Think About When It Comes To Budgeting for Wedding Photographer Prices In Ireland.

Wedding Photographer Prices In Ireland

So you’ve got engaged and now starting the process of trying to figure out what you want with the budget you have. Likely what you thought things would cost are way more than you originally thought. One area that gets put to the bottom of the wedding budget list is wedding photography.

I’ve put together an overview of what you can expect to get for a variety of budgets when it comes to wedding photographer prices in Ireland (And really anywhere in Europe really). Keep in mind the price ranges we’ll be looking at are prices for the wedding photographer only covering a whole day, no extras like albums, prints or pre-wedding shoots.

Documentary Wedding Photographer Limerick Ireland

Free Wedding Photographer : €0-€500

Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to pay anything for you wedding photographer! Well if you want you could have just that, but there will be a compromise.

Free or just extremely cheap will mean that you’re going to be using a family member or friend, someone that’s just starting out, or someone that you’ve met who has a camera and said they’d take a punt at it for you.

I’m not going to belittle anyone for taking a risk with a free or super cheap wedding photographer when you have an extremely tight budget. But keep in mind that word “risk”, its inevitably true when it comes to getting what you pay for. But on the flip side some bad pictures are better than no pictures. It a decision you need to make.

For a more in-depth look at the pros & cons of a super budget option check out this post “The Danger Of Letting Uncle Dave Take Wedding Photos”

Wedding Photographer Prices In Ireland

Cheap Wedding Photographer Prices : €500-€1000

Yes that’s right. I have categorised anything under €1000 as cheap wedding photography. That’s because as you’ll see through this post, a decent photographer for under €1000 is a bargain.

BUT (there’s that word again), again there is compromise. The likely hood is that a wedding photographer in this price range is still moving up the ladder when it comes to the various aspects of wedding photography. This could mean using not the best equipment, lack of skill in some areas, is a high volume type of wedding photographer (Quantity over quality) or just not very good and having to lessen their prices to book weddings.

Of course there are always exceptions to the case, but for this price don’t rush to be booking the first wedding photographer that comes along for your budget.

For more info on choosing a wedding photographer check out this post “6 Essential Tips To Help You Choose A Wedding Photographer“.

Wedding Photographer Prices In Ireland

Value Wedding Photography Price : €1000-€2000

As the budget rises we are now getting into the wedding photographer price range where I would think there should be a good balance of price to quality.

For this budget you should be expecting to get an experienced wedding photographer who has good quality equipment, a consistent style and delivery, can photograph a few crackers for you and will be easy to deal with throughout the whole experience.

For this price range you can also start thinking about getting a wedding photographer that fits your favourite style. For a look at the main different styles check out this “3 Styles To Choose From…“.

Wedding Photographer Prices In Ireland

Average Wedding Photography Price : €2000-€4000

Sounds crazy doesn’t it! €2000-€4000 for wedding photos?! Well according to OneFabDay.Com thats the typical cost. It also mentions in that post that the average wedding cost in Ireland is €28,000!

It makes sense though that if you are spending €14k on the venue plus everything else that goes with it you’d spend good money on a really good wedding photographer. If you have the budget then that’s awesome and go make the most of it!

What can you expect for paying that much for a wedding photographer then? Well you will be expecting the highest level of award winning photography, professionalism and some just amazing photos.

For this budget you should be aiming for either a high end fashion magazine style wedding photographer or an amazing documentary style wedding photographer. Learn more about why “documentary wedding photography is so awesome”

Wedding Photographer Prices In Ireland

The Best Wedding Photographers Prices : €2000+

We are now in the highest echelon of wedding photographers. You are now paying for almost celebrity status wedding photographers. For this money they should have won multiple national and international awards, have photographed celebrity weddings, produce the most stunning photos, have the best equipment, and just be obviously on another level from everyone else.

There’s not much more to add about this price range other than I’m jealous if you can afford this!

what is documentary wedding photography

Why is Wedding Photography So Expensive?

There’s alot that goes into wedding photography behind the scenes. Its not just what you see on the day.

For reasons why I charge what I do check out my post “The Unpopular Answer To Why Is Wedding Photography So Expensive?

Wonder what I charge? why not enquire and see if it works for your budget?

Documentary Wedding Photographer Limerick Ireland

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