Here’s 10 Great Tips To Help You Choose Your Wedding Photographer For Your Special Wedding Day.

10 Tips on what should you be look10 Great Tips On What You Should Be Looking For In A Wedding Photographer

Choosing the right wedding photographer can be a difficult task for many couples. There are so many options out there, and it is hard to know what you should be looking for in order to ensure that your photos will turn out beautifully. We have some tips below on what you should look for when choosing a wedding photographer, as well as advice on how to find one that is perfect for you!

10 Great Tips On What You Should Be Looking For In A Wedding Photographer

1) Evaluate your budget

Wedding photographers can range in price from €500 to over €2000 for a single day of coverage. The more you are willing to spend the higher level photographer you will be able to book. Be sure that you know what is important for your wedding and how much money you have before booking an expensive professional.

2) Save your money.

Photography is an expensive investment, but it’s worth it to get the best possible pictures and memories. Finding the right photographer will only feel like a worthwhile investment after the wedding day. Only then can you really see the value they bring to capturing your memories.

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3) What’s Your Priority?

-Think about how you want to spend your day. How much time are you really willing to give to the photographer? This will be linked in with the type of photography you want captured. For example a documentary photographer can be around all day and let you will forget he’s there, but a more traditional photographer may want to stop and pose you for many photos. Do you want a photographer for all your wedding day or do you just need one for the ceremony and reception area?


4) Do some research.

Find out what types of photographers interest you by looking at portfolios, reading reviews from their past clients, and talking with other married couple and learning from their experiences.

5) Ask for a portfolio.

A photographer’s work speaks volumes about the kind of pictures they produce and their style. Take time to look through it before you decide on who will capture your day!

Jamie Gillies / My Real Name Is James Wedding Photography Fiona & Aaron Waterford Ireland 2021

6) What Type Of Photography Do You Like?

Take into account what you want from your photos: are you interested in traditional, posed shots or more candid ones? Do you want the real nitty gritty of the day captured, the good and bad? Your photographer can provide different services to meet your needs.

7) Talk with some photographers.

Once you have a few in mind, arrange to have a chat with them in person, on the phone, or with zoom. Book with a photographer that you feel most comfortable around. A good sign of this is if they are easy to communicate with and that their style matches what you are looking for in terms of photography.

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8) Prepare a list of questions

Some things to talk about are how they will be able to capture the little moments and details? Can see more images? How do they like to work? Does their ethos fit in line with yours? How much do they charge? Do they offer payment plans or packages for weddings?

9) Gut Instinct

Trust your gut. If a photographer seems off or their work doesn’t feel right, don’t hesitate to move on and keep looking until you find the perfect match!

10) Don’t Be Pressured!

Do not feel pressured by anyone! It’s important that you are comfortable enough asking questions, not just about the photography side of things but also general chit chat to get to know them. Photographers come in all shapes and sizes, so be sure you’re meeting with someone who is a good fit for the style of photos that will best capture your day.

If the photographer is just pushing sales, then that’s a good sign they’re not looking out for your best interests.

There’s no one style of photography that will work best for every couple, but there are some things to consider when deciding who to hire. Finding the right wedding photographer for you is worth it! It’s hard sometimes because there are so many, but start early in the process, be patient and make sure you’re comfortable with whoever you choose.

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